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4. Fitting and follow up

Your hearing aids will be ordered and should arrive within one to two weeks. At your next appointment they will be fitted and adjusted to suit your hearing loss. Full payment for the aid/s  will be required at this time.

You will then receive a four week trial with weekly or fortnightly follow up appointments to check your progress, discuss any difficulties you have encountered and where necessary readjustments will be made to the hearing aid settings to fit your hearing needs.

It can take time to become used to hearing aids and it is important that we work closely with you during the trial to ensure that they are comfortable and work as effectively as possible. Enabling you to hear better in the situations that you had previously found difficult or impossible.

At the end of the four week trial, if you are not entirely satisfied with the improvements and benefits gained from the hearing aids, they can be returned.  As long as they are returned in  good condition as when they were provided to you,  a full refund less a deduction  for the consultations will be made.

All this guarantees that you will benefit from the best hearing care possible.


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