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  • Kamplex KITE instant fit modular device

    The Kamplex KITE is a welcomed addition to the Chippendale Hearing range of hearing aids.  A comfortable open ear device with dynamic speech enhancement and adaptive feedback manager. A wonderful opportunity for those with a mild hearing loss wishing to maintain their work and social activities without noticing their slight hearing impairment. For further details contact […]

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  • BTA Tinnitus Awareness Week Info Packs

    Last week we  offered  short information sessions at our Norden site;  but for those of you who were unable to attend we still have a few information packs so just email  and we can post them out.

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  • But it was whistling so I chewed it!

    Please remember to switch off your Hearing Aid when not in use. During the Christmas period, one dog managed to chew the receiver wire of their owners Hearing Aid, making it unusable until repaired. Fortunately the dog did not damage the aid itself, so although a small fee was involved it could have been a lot more […]

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  • Tinnitus Awareness Week 6-12 February 2017

    If you suffer with a ringing, buzzing or humming sensation in the absence of an external sound source then you may be experiencing Tinnitus. During 6-12 February 2017 the British Tinnitus Association  holds an awareness week so you can find out more information. Alternatively pop along to see me during that week for a […]

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  • Christmas Closing Dates

    Seasonal Best Wishes from Pat and Sandra.     . Our main sites will be closed from Friday 23rd December until Wednesday 4th January2017 You can still make an appointment for the first week in January by sending an email  to , texting or leaving a message on the direct mobile 07900 466806. Looking forward to […]

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  • British Tinnitus Association.

    Renewed our BTA professional membership. Exceptional range of information and services.          An excellent web link for our clients Check out their web page:

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