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    TINNITUS  Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the head/ear which has no external source. PREVENTING TINNITUS  Tinnitus can start for many reasons:  Infection and other medical conditions Stress and anxiety Loud listening levels What can you do about it ??  Turn the noise down Wear ear plugs Don’t stand by speakers Take a break […]

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  • Chippendale Hearing 2019

    Welcome to 2019 Another exciting year ahead with lots of possibilities. We offer the latest range of hearing aids, hearing assessments tailored to individual need, specialist custom ear protection moulds and lots more. For an appointment at either of our sites please telephone 07900 466 806 or email    

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  • Closures for Christmas 2018

    As usual we are open Mon-Sat at various sites during the month of December. However, for one week both sites at Norden and The Highfield Hospital will be closed from Monday 24th December until Wednesday 2nd January 2019. BUT…..  during these festive holidays you can still telephone 07900 466806 or email  to request accessories […]

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  • Hygiene and maintenance

    Summer is here and the warm weather can be an issue.  Using moisture control accessories can mean that you keep your device dry and clean. We supply a variety of items for various hearing aids; for example – air puffers for behind the ear devices, dry / store tubs and miniature automatic drying systems.  Alcohol […]

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  • Helping the next generation of Audiology students

    There are advantages of being the wise old owl!   Passing on our knowledge to student audiologists, practioners, dispensers, rehab. specialists and hearing therapists has been part of our work for many years, enabling future generations of audiology students to work both in the NHS and Private sectors. This year, as a local independent private […]

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  • What’s that noise?

    What’s that noise?     You are not alone.  About 10% of the UK adult population have permanent tinnitus. Often described as the perception of noises in the head and/or the ears which have no external source,  the condition of Tinnitus is a common in all age groups If you want to chat to us about your […]

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