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  • HEARING EVENT was a success

    Thank you to everyone who attended the event. It was a successful day and a wonderful opportunity to pass on lots of information. Should you have missed the opportunity to call in then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment. Lots of information available. Opportunity to discuss your own individual needs. […]

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  • Specialist Earplugs…… Summer Special

    Sound Reduction Hearing Protection Plugs – To enjoy those outdoor concerts   Sleep Plugs to help you sleep without any noise distractions – Great for night workers   Custom Made Swim Plugs to keep out water whilst swimming – Excellent Holiday Protection

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  • Easter

    Just to inform all: Chippendale Hearing Services will be closed Friday 19th April and re-open again on Wednesday 24th April for easter. If you require any batteries etc during this time please give us a ring 07900 466806 or email Sorry for any inconvenience caused.    

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    TINNITUS  Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the head/ear which has no external source. PREVENTING TINNITUS  Tinnitus can start for many reasons:  Infection and other medical conditions Stress and anxiety Loud listening levels What can you do about it ??  Turn the noise down Wear ear plugs Don’t stand by speakers Take a break […]

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  • Chippendale Hearing 2019

    Welcome to 2019 Another exciting year ahead with lots of possibilities. We offer the latest range of hearing aids, hearing assessments tailored to individual need, specialist custom ear protection moulds and lots more. For an appointment at either of our sites please telephone 07900 466 806 or email    

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