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Helping the next generation of Audiology students

There are advantages of being the wise old owl!   Passing on our knowledge to student audiologists, practioners, dispensers, rehab. specialists and hearing therapists has been part of our work for many years, enabling future generations of audiology students to work both in the NHS and Private sectors.

This year, as a local independent private service, we took our first  year 1  BSc HCS Audiology student from the University of Manchester on a 12 week placement.  This was an exciting challenge. Due to the student’s willingness to learn, motivation and adaptability to our flexible services it has worked out wonderfully. We showed that technological advancements in audiology still need  personal interaction skills., demonstrating why people still use their small local services who continue to offer the personal touch with experience and skills.    Congratulations to the student, the University and also the team here at Chippendale Hearing.

In addition I again assisted the University with assessing their BSc and MSc students whilst out on their clinical placements in the NorthWest NHS hospitals.

Another successful academic year when we can say the future of audiology is looking bright.


Pat Chippendale

MSc Rehab Audiology, Sen Hearing Therapist, Consultant Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser

Business Partner and Clinical Director at Chippendale Hearing Services